Bountiful Cities is an urban agriculture non-profit founded in 2000. We partner with community groups, focusing on dialogue, trust and community needs, to create urban agricultural spaces. Our partnerships emphasize social justice, access to education, sustainability and economic viability. We share agricultural skills and resources to promote social justice and economic viability. Bountiful Cities participates with local, state and national organizations in advocating for our values and practices. We envision abundance and food sovereign communities.

From our point of view, sustainability is the equal balance between environmental health, social equity, and economic viability. Bountiful Cities is committed to sustainability through integrated food systems, food security, food production and job creation. Additionally, Bountiful Cities is committed to ending oppression based on race, class, gender, culture, age, religion, and sexuality and to creating social justice by honoring and practicing cooperation and mutual respect. This organizations believes education is a lifelong process involving the shared exchange of knowledge and experience.

Bountiful Cities is committed to supporting this shared exchange by role modeling and providing inspiring events, programming, and experiential education. As one of Asheville’s leading action organizations, Bountiful Cities believes that healthy communities consist of shared and diverse cultures, cooperation, safety, support, health, respect, trust, self-reliance, and love within and among individuals, families, and groups. Bountiful Cities is committed to fostering healthy human relationships by nurturing these community values.

Since 2003, we have been working with communities teaching urban agricultural skills from seed to seed, and advocating for healthy food systems that are accessible to all. Click here to see to see a timeline of our history.


Our partners and funders:

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