Community Garden Network Coordinator: Isa Whitaker

Isa Whitaker is a father, husband, and poet – with a passion for bringing awareness to the ways our daily food choices affect our well-being, and how integrating with the natural world can lead to a healthy lifestyle. These interests made Asheville an ideal place to live and work, and since his relocation here three years ago, he has increased his studies. He recently graduated from Green Opportunities “Build and Construction” program and added a Doctor of Naturopathy diploma from the Trinity School of Natural Health to the Associates degree in Liberal Arts he acquired from Western Piedmont Community College. Through the connections he gained as a student at Green Opportunities, he was hired as an apprentice at Bountiful Cities, working under the community garden network coordinator, the position he now holds. His hobbies are spending time with family and performing at local venues and community events.

You can contact him at [email protected]