Seed to Seed

The core program of Bountiful Cities that teaches best practices for healthy sustainable agriculture systems. We work with communities together teaching and learning basic sustainable agriculture skills. These skills include: soil science, soil fertility, use of tools, compost, pest management, beneficial insects, crop rotation, site planning and overall community building. Bountiful Cities would like to increase funding in this program to offer a series of programs/workshops in the multiple garden sites that would give comprehensive skills on more specific topics such as composting, soil fertility importance, medicinal & culinary herbs, mushroom inoculation, canning and the importance’s of community building and celebration.

Strong Roots

A successful after and summer program for youth age k-5th grade, with a math and science based curriculum, and interfaces with the gardens. This program is currently being funded at two sites with CNEF grant funds and Bountiful Cities is seeking additional funding to expand this program to Pisgah View and Hillcrest Apt.

Grass to Greens

Provides job training for current team members and graduates of GO! This is a business model that gives the opportunity for a more intensive learning environment installing edible landscape using different techniques. Bountiful Cities is seeking funding for this program for apprenticeships.


Bountiful Cities Pearson Garden and PVA Garden are selling produce at the FBFC Wednesday’s tailgate market. Come by and support local urban farmers and check out our facebook page for more information.

Pearson Garden and PVA Garden piloted the first winter tailgate market at the Buncombe County Health Department and Department of Social Services; will be starting an ongoing market Spring 2013. We will have EBT, debit and credit capabilities. This is an opportunity for increasing access and affordability of fresh healthy produce.

Asheville Buncombe Community Gardens

A network that provides financial, community, and education support for 30+ gardens in Buncombe County. The network meets every month for potluck meetups with educational workshops or rotating garden workdays as a way of building relationships between gardens across the county. The network can apply for grants on behalf of the all the gardens to improve economic stability of community gardening, resulting in shared resources such as the Tool Library and Seed Library. The Community Garden Network is also part of the Urban Agriculture Alliance, a coalition to address challenges to food sovereignty in Asheville.