FEAST - Fresh, Easy Affordable, Sustainable, Tasty

We are much more likely to choose healthy food if we help prepare it.

We empower youth and families to grow, prepare and enjoy fruits and vegetables through hands on cooking and garden education. 

FEAST classes focus on;

  • Problem solving, communication and teamwork
  • Increasing fresh, locally grown produce in everyday living
  • Gaining confidence by exploring different ways to prepare fresh produce
  • Creating and changing recipes, substituting ingredients
  • Learning how food affects your brain and body
  • Connecting to Core Curriculum and Essential Standards in math, reading, writing, science, health and nutrition
School based programs

Vance Elementary Peace Garden – The Vance Peace Garden is an outdoor learning laboratory designed to educate the whole child and community through hands-on learning that promotes environmental stewardship, character development and healthy lifestyles. Every grade level participates in gardening and cooking classes on a regular basis, each with their own plot in the garden to tend to and harvest both learning and food from. – Jordan Diamond, FEAST Educator at Vance Elementary school

Hall Fletcher FEAST Garden – The Hall Fletcher Elementary/FEAST Garden and Cooking Program’s mission is to promote healthy eating choices and make them accessible to people , while also fostering excitement about nature and our local ecosystems for our students. Our cooking and gardening classes work right alongside the Common Core curriculum, with hands on, interactive units ensure our students excel beyond just earning their green thumbs! We are deeply committed to encouraging a healthy and vibrant community, for our students and families, both during and beyond their time at Hall Fletcher Elementary.

Francine Delany New School for Children – We began our program at Francine Delany New School for Children in the spring of 2014. We now work with all students, Kindergarten through 8th grade. We have learned about all kinds of new foods, including lots of fresh vegetables. We have special gardens all over the FDNSC campus, including a Kinder –garden, a Folk Art Garden, a pollinator garden for Monarch Butterflies, and many other small plantings outside different classrooms.  We are with the students once a week and are able to connect the food and gardening lessons back to the classroom.  Our students are so excited each week for FEAST class and have opened their minds to tasting and trying new things.

After School Programs

Claxton After School Arts – Students create simple meals or snacks using fresh local produce.  This program is focused on basics of cooking with students Kindergarten – 2nd grade.

YMCA New Horizons – The YMCA Horizon program closely partners with Buncombe County Schools to serve hundreds of middle school students and families.  The after school sites operate October – May, Tuesday-Thursday on days school is in session. We currently have programs at Reynolds Middle, Erwin Middle, Enka Middle, Enka Intermediate, North Buncombe Middle, and Valley Springs Middle.

Youth Transformed for Life – YTL training supports disenfranchised communities as they strive to succeed in an inequitable system. Our cooking classes meet weekly on Mondays and focus on preparing healthy meals and snacks with fresh, local produce.

Community Collaborators

 The Roots Foundation works to transform the classroom to contextualize learning within the surrounding environment and community. The garden and natural environment become the classroom.


Mother Earth Produce emerged in 2012 out of a desire to make it easier to eat local, organic food from our neighbors who are producing it. They are a family owned, year-round delivery service of primarily local & organically grown produce and edibles sourced from area farms and food crafters.  They make it simple and affordable to eat fresh and healthy local food by delivering bins to your front door.


Mission Community Investment has a long history of investing in our community and partnering with programs and organizations that share our focus to improve the health of the people we serve. When we work together toward a common goal, we achieve better health for everyone.