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Growing Food. Building Community — Bountiful Cities is an Asheville based organization dedicated to teaching sustainable agriculture skills in urban environments.

  • Core Value: Justice

    Bountiful Cities is committed to promoting an environment of equitable Social Justice by honoring and practicing cooperation and mutual respect, promoting jobs in urban agriculture that support a profitable living, promoting access to healthy food for people of all economic means while working to protect and improve environmental health for soil, water, air and community.

  • Core Value:Community

    Healthy communities consist of shared and diverse cultures, cooperation, safety, support, health, respect, trust, self-reliance, and love within and among individuals, families, and groups. Bountiful Cities is committed to fostering healthy human relationships by nurturing these community values.

  • Core Value: Education

    Education is a lifelong process involving the shared exchange of knowledge and experience. Bountiful Cities is committed to supporting this shared exchange by role modeling and providing inspiring events, programming, and experiential education.

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Bountiful Cities is the urban agricultural resource in Asheville. We share agricultural skills and resources to promote social justice and economic viability. We envision abundance and food sovereign communities.

  • Programs

    The Asheville Buncombe Community Garden Network is coordinated by Bountiful Cities staff, connecting 30+ gardens through shared communications, meetups, garden workdays, workshops, volunteer recruitment, and resources. The goal of the network is the strengthen neighborhood-powered food initiatives through collaboration.
    A successful after and summer program for youth age k-5th grade, with a math and science based curriculum, and interfaces with the gardens. This program is currently being funded at two sites with CNEF grant funds and Bountiful Cities is seeking additional funding to expand this program to Pisgah View and Hillcrest Apt.
    Provides job training for current team members and graduates of GO! This is a business model that gives the opportunity for a more intensive learning environment installing edible landscape using different techniques. Bountiful Cities is seeking funding for this program for apprenticeships.
    Bountiful Cities Pearson Garden and PVA Garden are selling produce at the FBFC Wednesday’s tailgate market. Come by and support local urban farmers and check out our facebook page for more information.

    Pearson Garden and PVA Garden piloted the first winter tailgate market at the Buncombe County Health Department and Department of Social Services; will be starting an ongoing market Spring 2013. We will have EBT, debit and credit capabilities. This is an opportunity for increasing access and affordability of fresh healthy produce.

  • Growing Food. Building Community

    Beautiful rich soil is what produces healthy fresh fruits and vegetables building strong resilient communities! Bountiful Cities has been working with diverse communities for 13 years teaching sustainable agriculture skills. This work would not have been possible without the thousands of hours of volunteer labor and community support, your help is needed to sustain this work.

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